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Green Hills with Blue Sky

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Are you struggling with a roller coaster of emotions, broken relationships, explosive anger, negative thoughts, or self-harming behaviors? Or feeling nothing at all.... a sort of numbness toward everything and everyone around you? I believe each of us is given an amazing ability to get through life's toughest moments. However, sometimes it's difficult to do because of our past experiences. Therapy provides a safe, calm, consistent setting which allows this process to take place. Your feelings are real, and you can learn how to manage them.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I will walk with you, step by step, and provide that safe place where healing always begins. My experience, expertise, and training is in providing psychotherapy to those who have been through difficult or traumatic life experiences.

My strengths fall in my ability to build very strong and supportive alliances with my clients, and I would love the opportunity to build one with you. You are important, and things really can get better.....
                   Christine Bott Schmuker
                          Licensed Professional Counselor


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